We are Manuela Julier and Jyri Pasanen, on the road till november 2013. On our journey we ask the people we meet some pretty tricky questions. Here, on this site we shear the answers of the new found mates.

At home in Zürich Manu is working as a graphicdesigner and Jyri is directing moving pictures in between bike rides down the hill. The Hintenlinks website.

You can write us an email: ntmy, what the flup?

The helping hands at home:

Lukas Schmid had the interview questions ready, before we even finished explaining him the ntmy-project. He copywrites quicker than his shadow dares to move.

CCMedia provided us with the audio equipment. Cheers!

The beautyful music in the clips of Argentina played by Julio&Agosto. You can download the hole album with more great tunes at