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  • 4. Guillermo (ARG)

    4. Guillermo (ARG)

    Guillermo, 34, lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Guillermo is musician by heart. He was one of the teachers who introduced us to the spanish languish. The sundays he likes to spend at home with his plants, on the other days he is always on the run.

  • 3. Marcelo (ARG)

    3. Marcelo (ARG)

    Marcelo, 64, born, raised and living in Buenos Aires. He is the husband of Moníca. Marcelo works for the National Parks of Argentina. Besides of his work, he published a serious science book with background info and drawings of argentinian mammals. His amazing drawings and photographs are also found in […]

  • 2. Moníca (ARG)

    2. Moníca (ARG)

    Moníca is 58 years old and lives since 30 years in Buenos Aires. We met her over the interweb and stayed at her place for almost 2 weeks.She was a biologist and she studied fossil plants in Patagonia, before she decided to became a expert in Chines medicine. Today she […]

  • 1. Lászlo (HU)

    1. Lászlo (HU)

    Lászlo, 26, lives in Zurich, Switzerland Lászlo had a demanding croupier education in Hungary. After working 3.5 years in a casino in Budapest, he decided to move to Zurich to work in the brand new casino in “down town Switzerland”.