• 17. Homeowner (USA)

    17. Homeowner (USA)

    Homeowner @ 1301, 44, lives in Boise, USA Well, our dear Homeowner at 1301 did not invite us to stay at his place. It was his subtended, Victor (Interview nr. 12). But never the less, we felt welcome from the first moment on! Time flew by in no time and […]

  • 16. Angie (USA)

    16. Angie (USA)

    Angie, 46, lives in San Diego, USA Jyri met Angie 2002 in San Diego. After that incident, the paths have crossed a couple times in Europe. The last time at the infamous Paris Bercy Skate Comp, where everything kind of slipped out of hands (as far as Jyri remembers after […]