• 9. Eva (CZ)

    9. Eva (CZ)

    Eva, 23, lives in San Francisco, USA Born in the east of Europe, Eva is studying at the West Coast where she got a scholarship because she can run like the wind. We met Eva at the camp side in El Chalten, Argentina. She invited us to sit and cook […]

  • 8. Marcio (BR)

    8. Marcio (BR)

    Marcio, 43, lives in Rio do Sul, Brazil We met Marcio the first time on his bike at the gas station in Perito Moreno, Argentina. He told us about his fantastic escape from the rainy adventures in Chile. The 2nd time we bumped into him on a camp-side 500km more […]

  • 7. Bojan (ARG)

    7. Bojan (ARG)

    Bojan, 21, lives in Bariloche and Buenos Aires, Argentina. If it is windy and raining in Bariloche, and that might happen pretty often, you will see at least one happy person in his little Lazer sailing boat surfing the waves of Lago Nahuel Huapi. When the sun is shining, Bojan […]

  • 6. Virginie Dupachel (F)

    6. Virginie Dupachel (F)

    Virginie, 43, lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina Virginie left France many years ago to learn english for one year in New York. But somehow she got stuck overseas. Today she lives in Buenos Aires and was our host in the apartment “the piedras”. Now that Virginie has her own “pool” […]

  • 4. Guillermo (ARG)

    4. Guillermo (ARG)

    Guillermo, 34, lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Guillermo is musician by heart. He was one of the teachers who introduced us to the spanish languish. The sundays he likes to spend at home with his plants, on the other days he is always on the run.

  • 3. Marcelo (ARG)

    3. Marcelo (ARG)

    Marcelo, 64, born, raised and living in Buenos Aires. He is the husband of Moníca. Marcelo works for the National Parks of Argentina. Besides of his work, he published a serious science book with background info and drawings of argentinian mammals. His amazing drawings and photographs are also found in […]

  • 2. Moníca (ARG)

    2. Moníca (ARG)

    Moníca is 58 years old and lives since 30 years in Buenos Aires. We met her over the interweb and stayed at her place for almost 2 weeks.She was a biologist and she studied fossil plants in Patagonia, before she decided to became a expert in Chines medicine. Today she […]