11. Shane (USA)

Shane, 34 lives in Chicago, USA

We ran into Shane at a campsite on the Torres del Paine trek as he was having a conversation with his travel companion Marcos about the correct way to cook a bag of instant stroganoff. One would think there’s no way to make it better or worse, but if you want to make dehydrated meat well done (very important for Marcos) and pasta al dente (the only way for Shane) in only one bag of hot water, a proper strategy is important.
If you run into people who are into good food, your travels start to taste better, and you’re taken to places where certain dishes are better than anywhere else. No matter what the food, Shane knows where to go for the best.
After spending time with him, it was hard to go back to our campsite fare.

Hungry? Don’t know how to make a deep dish pizza? Shane will explain it to you in this video: https://vimeo.com/62973186