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  • NTMY retrospect: Voyage

    NTMY retrospect: Voyage

    This retrospect film from our trip 2012-2013 for NTMY was never supposed to happen. But that we were able to make these interviews was the blast. It was an honor to listen to the thoughts of the people we met on our way. And after every single interview my wife […]

  • 18. Xiaojuan (CN)

    18. Xiaojuan (CN)

    Xiaojuan, 27, China We were very surprised to meet a german speaking chinese woman at the reception in a hostel in the middle of a desert in China. Happy day! Because in this big country almost nobody speaks any language we could understand. Xiaojuan is also traveling at the moment. […]

  • 17. Homeowner (USA)

    17. Homeowner (USA)

    Homeowner @ 1301, 44, lives in Boise, USA Well, our dear Homeowner at 1301 did not invite us to stay at his place. It was his subtended, Victor (Interview nr. 12). But never the less, we felt welcome from the first moment on! Time flew by in no time and […]

  • 14. Cristina (GT)

    14. Cristina (GT)

    Cristina, 57, lives in Jobompiche, Guatemala Cristina lives at the most beautiful place at the Lago Peten Itza. We camped in her garden for almost 2 weeks. She run a restaurant in the busy tourist town Flores for 20 years. Today she takes it easier and has a little restaurant […]

  • 13. Polo (GT)

    13. Polo (GT)

    Polo, 25 lives in El Paredon, Guatemala With his girlfriend and daughter Polo lives just next to the surf-house in El Paredon where he works. In-between different works at the surf-house, he mixes the most delicious Mojitos or Piña Coladas along the long pacific coast of Guatemala. Or even further- […]

  • 12. Victor (USA)

    12. Victor (USA)

    Victor, 31, lives in Boise, USA A few days after we met Victor in a restaurant in Antigua, Guatemala, we were lucky enough to bump again into him and his girlfriend Abbey in Paredon, a surf camp at the pazific ocean, as well in Guatemala. Victor has worked for years […]

  • 11. Shane (USA)

    11. Shane (USA)

    Shane, 34 lives in Chicago, USA We ran into Shane at a campsite on the Torres del Paine trek as he was having a conversation with his travel companion Marcos about the correct way to cook a bag of instant stroganoff. One would think there’s no way to make it […]

  • 10. David (E)

    10. David (E)

    David, 30, lives in Gran Canary, Spain David took a few months off from spain and now works as a night guard in a small hostel at the end of the world in Patagonia. He has a very positive spirit and this job fits his needs perfectly: during the day he runs […]

  • 7. Bojan (ARG)

    7. Bojan (ARG)

    Bojan, 21, lives in Bariloche and Buenos Aires, Argentina. If it is windy and raining in Bariloche, and that might happen pretty often, you will see at least one happy person in his little Lazer sailing boat surfing the waves of Lago Nahuel Huapi. When the sun is shining, Bojan […]

  • 6. Virginie Dupachel (F)

    6. Virginie Dupachel (F)

    Virginie, 43, lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina Virginie left France many years ago to learn english for one year in New York. But somehow she got stuck overseas. Today she lives in Buenos Aires and was our host in the apartment “the piedras”. Now that Virginie has her own “pool” […]